Wedding of Nick and Lianne

What: The wedding of Nick and Lianne
Where: Ko Olina, Oahu
When: Sunset on a wednesday in June
All details/services provided by: Sands Of Time Weddings

June was a busy month for us but I couldn’t say no when I got an email from Moana of Sands of Time Weddings. My husband and I call them “Moana-weddings,” perfectly planned and executed to the tiny details. Stress-free weddings mean happy and relaxed brides and grooms….and that happiness will just shine through in photos.

Scott was the officiant. Awesome, that means I get to be driven to the wedding. And he’s so easy-going…despite me changing the direction the couple was facing twice. People tend to look at me when they’re setting up the ceremony and ask where I would like the couple to face. Really, it’s about where the couple want to stand. I can work with anything, I always try to put the bride and groom first. Do they want to face the sand and ocean? Are they staring right into the sun? Photographers can get that shot. So, don’t worry, think about what you want.

Nick and Lianne traveled roughly five thousand miles to start their journey on a secluded beach along the west side of Oahu. They’re both teachers at the same school. I’m sure the students are loving this. It reminded me of my years teaching high school. My students spent their class time trying to match me up with any available male teacher. I think they would have been on cloud nine if their little matchmaking dreams had worked.

Lianne was just beautiful. There’s just something about her, especially when she smiles. Which, fortunately, is often since Nich has her laughing every three seconds. Nick, a history teacher, found a immediate friend in Scott, a history buff, as they talked about places and museums to visit. We’re going to LA to watch a dodger’s game in August so Nich recommended something called a Dodger Dog (?). Their intimate wedding ceremony was attended by Lianne’s niece who lives on the island and her little boy, “J”. Moana, the ultimate wedding planner, even played babysitter during the ceremony for “J” who was clearly mesmerized by the water. I think he was looking for any opportunity to jump in.

Escorted down the aisle

Intro blog storyboard for Nick Lianne Wedding

Married by the sea

blog storyboard 4
(The setting light was just gorgeous)
I do (Little “J” who is about to be freed from his stroller)
Driving me crazy
(One of my favorites)
The beach at sunset

Preoccupied by playing in the sand

blog storyboard 2

Posing with the guests

blog storyboard 3

A toast to the married couple

blog storyboard 5
To see these images and the rest from this special day, please visit and click on “Nick and Lianne.”

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