Troy and Bow-A Valentine’s Maternity Session

Who: Troy and Bow a.k.a. “Expecting Parents”
Where: Their beautiful hale on the shore of Kaneohe Bay
Oahu, Hawaii
When: February 14th, 2009, 9 am

A year or two ago, Scott and I were filmed in this little skit about couples and love life with another couple from our church, Troy and Bow. One 2 minute ditty and I still see pictures from that clip at church everywhere I turn. Now a few years later, and Troy and Bow are just a few weeks away from their first little blessing. Bow is a petite woman and I was really worried about getting too close to her due date and having her feel too uncomfortable. I didn’t have to worry…she climbed on piers and sat over the water for me. She was such a trooper. And I had to be careful to pose her to show her belly because you couldn’t even tell she was pregnant from a lot of angles. She photographed beautifully…absolutely beautiful. I think I have my model for any portfolio building.

I had asked them prior to the session what they planned to name their baby daughter, but I wasn’t sure what the exact spelling. I was still confused when I arrived because I hadn’t heard a definitive answer, and I found out why. They are still on the fence with two alternative spellings for the name. I didn’t want to pressure them to make a life-long decision in the next ten minutes so…if you see multiple versions of the same shot…that’s why!! And their property is right on Kaneohe Bay. Gorgeous. And windy. So when a gust of wind tossed my reflector over the wall onto the shore…I jumped over a little too hastily to retrieve it before it rolled into the water. Big mistake. Apparently, the “shore” was really just a dry crust over thick swampy mud. Oi!!! I sank to my ankles. I had to wave off Troy, the gentleman, who was moving to jump down to help me. I’m Big Island. Mud don’t scare me.

Hah, I really love this one…

Two in love makes three in love
See, can YOU tell that she’s pregnant?
Bow I
I almost forgot it was Valentine’s Day (Scott and I are such the romantics) until I saw all the balloons Troy had set up everywhere for Bow. Aw…and he made us both breakfast.
Valentine's Maternity Session
This is them just being cutesy while I was trying to get my camera set up.
I don't think it's a surprise anymore
Look, they had such fun locations on their property.

Bow and Troy a

Look, A DOCK!!! They said I could use it anytime….sweet.
Standing at the water's edge

Waiting for that day to come

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