Reef and Ryder turn one (Part 2 of 2)

One final look of some highlights from my photo session with the adorable twin boys “Reef” and “Ryder” at Ko Olina. Their real names are only half as cute as thir nicknames, and Scott and I received their ocean themed invitations which really fit their nicknames. I brought my niece’s surfboard which just happened to match their boardshorts. On a funny note, though, as I brought the surfboard out, I asked their mom “How do they do with sand?” She responded “I don’t know, they’ve never been on sand before…(pause)….they’ll probably just try to eat it.” I guess they’re still growing into their nicknames. But they did love the surfboard, clambering around and staring at the sand on their feet.



he'e nalu

Next stop: a REAL WAVE!!!

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