Reef and Ryder at Ko Olina

On Thursday afternoon, Scott accompanied me to Ko Olina Lagoon Beach to take pictures of Reef and Ryder (their nicknames…in case you were wondering). They were so adorable and so well-behaved. We just got there and we knelt down to put our stuff down and they crawled towards us and climbed into our laps. Ope, from that moment on, they had us wrapped around their fingers. We especially love babies who love us.

Their one year birthday party is coming up and they showed off their skills. They both walk really well, although Ryder preferred to use all four limbs sometimes. They were Mobile with a capital M. Reef would be munching on some twigs he found in the manicured grass and Ryder is halfway to the shoreline. They have these adorable shirts that certainly helped in figuring out which was which. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the pictures:

Ryder crab crawling

Reef scanning for more taste subjects

Hmmm....Ryder?  Reef?

How adorable are those shirts!!!

How did I get them to sit still? There are banana puff cereal piles in the grass in front of them. Don’t laugh…it worked. More to come soon, I promise.

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