Prayers wanted for Joy

I have a really good friend, Joy. Her name fits her so well. She’s a sweet-hearted girl with big blue eyes and a fascinating quick tendency to laugh at anything and then blush. I heard someone once say that they of course loved Joy for many reasons, but the best reason they gave was that Joy laughed at everything they said. It made them feel real funny and popular. Joy is full of joy. And those of you who may have done photo sessions with me might know the girl who helps me carry everything and holds on to everything, because I just lose things in seconds. She’s an amazing photographer and assists me in so many ways.
Hike up to Manoa Falls
Joy (on the right) during a Manoa hike w/ friend, Abby.

Joy is the middle child of ten children. Count them, TEN!!! She created a photo album with them all numbered here. Her parents are pastors of a church in Ohio and her family is extremely close. They were all homeschooled and they fill their weekends going on hikes together and being nutty. Joy grew up in Hawaii and returned here to take care of her grandparents. Yesterday, she received a phone call that was truly devastating. She learned that one of her younger sisters and one of her younger brothers had been in a car accident. Both were attending a school in Colorado training to become ministers. They were traveling to Portland, Oregon to fundraise for community outreach in a van with 14 other students and were in an accident. Joy’s sister, Katy, 18 years old survived but her brother, Josh, 20 years old, did not.

My prayers and heartfelt sympathies are with Joy and her family as they grieve this enormous loss so far from each other. Joy is waiting here in Hawaii until she learns more news. The rest of her siblings are anxiously waiting in Ohio with the support of their church congregation. And her parents are traveling to Idaho right now to be be with Katy, who is still hospitalized with a possible bruised lung and spleen. Please pray for their safe travels and for Katy’s full recovery. I was so fortunate to meet Josh when he came to Hawaii. So handsome with this sweet baby face. He’s just a year younger than my baby brother and I am reminded that I need to hug every chance I get. We will miss you, Josh, and never forget you. Read here to see Joy’s latest words as a big sister to her baby brother.

1/11/08 Earlier last year I was kinda going through a rough time and all I wanted was a hug from God, for Him to hold me in His arms. Well it was really starting to drag me down but on friday night there was a Holy Spirit rally and while I was up there I was still discouraged and wanted the embrace. Anyway, many people prayed for me ( I’ll write later on what they said) but all of a sudden a man that was praying for me before I don’t know his name, came from behind me and gave around my shoulders a hug it was wonderful then spoke in my ear from behind while hugging me and said this is a hug from my Heavenly Father and that He loves me. At that moment I could feel the presence of God and He answered my prayer. Even when the man knew nothing about it. (found in Josh’s writings)

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