New To The World: Baby Gabriel’s Sneak Peek

If you see me wearing my glasses instead of contacts to work, you know I’m tired. Last night was worship practice, tonight was dinner for the in-law’s 22nd anniversary, tomorrow morning is boot camp (exercise class that makes it hard for me to get up from a prone position for days), and then a photo session in the afternoon. And before all this, I stopped by to finally visit my friends, Whitni and John, and their baby boy, Gabriel. Gabriel just hit his 1 week mark when I finally got to see him, I was sidelined due to a persistent cold and hacking cough that lingered.

Speaking of which, Scott and I believed that we got sick from watching our favorite little girl, Miss HB, who was dreadfully sick. She had recovered fully when I babysat her this past week and she was soooo adorable, as usual. I gave her plenty of hugs and kisses. A few days later, Scott told me that her parents wouldn’t be joining us for a bbq because little Miss HB had developed some sort of “hacking cough.” To which, Scott pointedly looked at me and said “Hmmm, I wonder who else I know with a hacking cough.” I don’t know. I was just as confused as him.

Anyways, here’s a sneak peek…this is my favorite and probably the best image from Baby Gabriel’s debut session.

In case you forgot, here’s where he was a month ago…

From two people blissfully in love….
Love looks like this
comes one blessing content to be loved.
Somebody is happy to get a newborn session

The rest of his session to come….stay tuned.

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