Matt and Leena’s Beach Maternity Session

As August starts to near, I find myself at the end of a hot and busy summer. I’m hoping to slow down and take some breathers this fall. Actually, I’m real excited because in two weeks (ooh, less than two weeks now) Scott and I are taking a short trip up to LA to watch the Dodgers play. We’re also going to meet up with Tricia and her boy, Nich, at Disneyland, travel down to San Diego to meet up with our wedding photog, Nely, and her family, and try to squeeze in a visit to Saddleback Church. Then, two months from now, we’re going to New York and Boston for my friend’s wedding and to visit my old college haunting grounds. I have to start working out to look svelte for the wedding. I’ll start tomorrow. Today was just too miserable hot. But, it’s not about me. Let me get back on track and tell you about the joy I received being able to photograph a friend and her husband as they prepare for the arrival of their baby girl in about five weeks.

What: Maternity Session
Who: Matt, Leena, and baby Coral (hidden at the moment)
Where: Waimanalo Beach

Leena used to work with me at my current job with the city and county of Honolulu. We were Honolulu CSI, just not as cool. We don’t carry firearms and we’re pretty much never allowed to talk to witnesses. And we tend to turn on lights as much as possible. Nothing like the show, which I love. Leena moved on to a job at the cancer research center last fall and that move was followed by the amazing news that she was pregnant. I was more than thrilled to be able to work with her again and hang out with her and Matt. Joy and I met them at Waimanalo Beach, my favorite location. When we first arrived, there were still a surprising number of people on the beach so we started with some woodsy shots and worked our way towards the beach. Leena had posted some pictures of her at Waimea Falls just a few weeks earlier, I had a real glimpse into her creativity and energy. I mean, the girl hiked Waimea Falls in her third trimester.

For maternity sessions, I tend to keep a watchful eye on the mother-to-be especially when we’ve been moving around for more than an hour. Leena was energetic to the end. When I tentatively ventured with the idea of some lying on the sand, she dove down right in the sand and waved off our offers of blankets and towels. Matt did get a little sidetracked and we would catch him just staring at the ocean with a daydream glow about his eyes. I don’t think he’s spent that much time near the waters without jumping in. As we were winding down, Leena told me “we were totally game for jumping in the water if you wanted ocean shots.” See? Probably one of the most physically active and fit couples you will ever meet.

(I hope Leena doesn’t hate this one but I just caught her looking at Matt while they were talking and I thought she has the most adorable expression)
Such a cute expression, what a doll.

blog storyboard 1

Daddy's Little Girl

These hands will guide you

blog storyboard 2

Beautiful exotic mama

Surrounded by love

blog storyboard 3

Baby bump

blog storyboard 4

And baby makes three

Daddy's girl

Walk on the beach

Watch out for that wave

So peaceful

To view these images and the rest from their session, check out Matt and Leena’s Gallery at

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