Maternity: Kacie and the yummy oreos

What: Kacie’s Maternity sesion (joined by hubby, Clinton, and little man “L”)
When: a Saturday afternoon in June
Where: Kalama Beach Park

So, Kacie’s session was actually a few weeks ago so she has been patiently waiting for her pictures. The wait is finally over. I aim to do maternity shoots between the 32nd and the 36th week of a woman’s pregnancy. You’ll get the nice baby bump but you dont’ want to be too close to the end, where you may be a little more uncomfortable or…the baby might make a surprise entrance before we can get those pictures. So we had to squeeze the session into June. She brought her hubby, Clinton, and their little manly “L” to the family maternity session at Kalama Beach Park. It was a location they chose because of it’s meaning and special significance, the place where Clinton proposed to Kacie and set in motion the journey their family would take together.

This was also a Joy and Light production, I was joined by another photographer, Joy Pishcura. She literally had returned to Oahu just three days earlier after being with family in Ohio for six months. I had a sprained ankle so I was hopping around the beach and so I wanted that pair of second eyes there. It was a full car because my hubby decided he wanted to go to the beach and he brought along his friend, Jasen. Don’t get me wrong, I love company…if I had any complaint…it would be that when I had a shot lined up with Clinton and Kacie in a sandy pathway under trees with the sand and ocean stretching behind them….there rising out of the seas like King Triton was my husband in his bright yellow surf shorts. His only response to my frantic arm waves motioning for him to move out of the frame was “What? You don’t own the beach.” Oh, that’s my Scott.

Little “L” is…hmmm…I think he’s two. He had just come from another party and was crashed out. Then he woke up to find himself at the beach with Auntie Keao chasing him around with a camera…he was more interested in playing. So we let him play. He actually found a dollar bill just digging in the sand and then he found a lone, unclaimed boogeyboard on the beach. His dad, clinton, wisely advised him to leave it there so that everybody else would get to use it.

Thanks so much to Kacie for letting us in on their family day at the beach. Kacie is our women’s worship leader at our church and we’ve sung together so many times. She’s an absolute sweetheart. Her hubby, Clinton, is also an uber-talented musician. He played the drums with my husband’s band at our wedding and he also has a T-shirt design company, No Idols. They, of course by the pictures, have an adorable little boy “L”, and will be joined by their very much already-loved daughter at the end of this summer.

Here’s some of my faves from the day:

Baby bump


Blog storyboard 2

He loves giving her flowers

Blog storyboard 4

Family portrait


Blog storyboard 3

Blog storyboard

I love this picture
Blog storyboard 5

Father and son


blog storyboard 6
To view these images and the rest of the session, please visit

And by special request (so you know i don’t make up these stories), here’s a little gem of the stud in the yellow surf shorts.

Whos the stud

Don’t be jealous, he’s mine!!!

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