Liz Maternity Session with Big Sis HB

The next two posts are going to hit home the gap this year where I was waddling around with a high-risk pregnancy.  Yesterday, I dipped my toe back into the photo waters with a shoot of cutesy lil “LP” and realized that my last session before the “big belly phase followed by NICU living” was with LP’s mom and big sister right before LP was born.  How fitting that this family who are close friends and pretty-much-family-to-us would be the bookends for this year.  And as 2011 looms near, I’m blown away at how fast this year flew by.   The last thing I remember, LP was just a cute baby bump and now’s she’s a crawling/ standing/ dimply grinning baby girl.  So, before I can post sneak peeks from her session, I have to backtrack and throw up some of my faves from her mom’s maternity session waaaaayyyyy back in the spring.

Liz asked me to take some pictures of her and 2 year-old HB before the new baby arrived to capture their “mommy-me” moments before a baby sister came into the mix.  I’m always on the hunt for new and different locations.  We do a lot of the tried and true beach sessions but I like a lot of variety.  I am also really happy if I can find something on the windward side and close to home.  Always a big plus and makes my tired, old Toyota Corolla happy.  The creativity in photography is what draws me in and inspires me to scan my surroundings with new eyes.  Since my hubby works at Hope Chapel Kaneohe, we make the drive past Kaneohe District Park often.  I’ve done a family shoot there but there was this overgrown lawn of grassy weeds that always caught my eye.  I love Liz because she’s so flexible and I know she trusts me completely.  So, when I asked her to meet me in the parking lot by the corner of the field that looked like it had been neglected by lawnmowers and weed-whackers for months, she didn’t blink an eye.  Basically, we played in weeds.I was hoping it would translate in pictures and the pay off was amazing.  I loved this session.

I am in love with  my little fairy grove that I bet most people pass by without a second glance. You may be able to recognize landmarks in the pictures.  And if you live in Kaneohe, chances are you drive right by it regularly…it’s just 20 feet from Kahekili Highway.  Every now and then, the workers brave the terrain and, sadly, its beautiful wilderness has been tamed with a good mowing.  Wait long enough and it will always grow back.

We took some time for a trip to the nearby playground

Liz, now a mom of two beautiful girls

A 2 year-old certainly keeps you on your toes


I found the perfect fairy for my fairy grove

HB didn't like the grass tickling her legs but mommy made everything fun with a flower tossing game


Liz is stylist at The Cutting Zone in Kailua.  She’s very popular, almost everyone we know goes to Liz, including us.  And every single one of us are super happy campers.   She makes us look good!!  Scott would probably interrupt with some joke at this point praising his own natural beauty.  I’ll talk a little more about Liz and her hair-styling finesse in my next post.  But her talent comes in handy since HB is an active toddler with tons of beautiful hair.  HB was having a little bit too much fun so we had to take a minute to tame the hair before we could proceed.

HB had to have a few hair touch-ups in the midst of all the fun


Okay, now I’ve caught up.  I can post a sneak peek before the New Year of LP, the third party in this session that we didn’t officially get to meet until later.

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