Lacie’s Newborn Sesh

Welcome to the the world, little Lacie. Our smallest little Oreo cookie.

Little Lacie’s mom has a sweet beautiful singing voice and she devotes her gift as the worship leader for the women’s ministry at our church. Lacie’s dad is a talented musician…drums…guitar…you name it. Both surf and love the beach so I can already imagine little Lacie growing up with a guitar and a surfboard. Maybe she’ll get into trucks like her big brother, Logi.

My assistant/friend, Joy, was missing for this Saturday morning session. That girl has a waaaay busier social schedule than I do. So it was just me and the whole package of Oreos. Lacie was having breakfast when I arrived, which I loved because it gave me to time to scope out the room she’s sharing with her big bro. I totally rearranged that room by the time Kacie brought her newborn girl upstairs. I mean, I somehow hauled furniture around…don’t worry, I put it all back. But her room was the perfect setting for her first photo session with it’s newly painted sea blue walls complete with her name over her…well, where crib is bound to be once they find the screws. For a few of the shots, we moved her to mommy and daddy’s room where I just loved the bright red wall and striking black and white pillows.

I usually like to abbreviate baby names to protect their privacy but I figured this picture would kind of give it away…
Lacie's nursery
Born on August 12, 2009…
Staring ou thte window
Wearing a hat made by Joyful Creations (Joy, I just made up a name for you btw)
Hat by Joy
(this hat is from a designer I found on etsy)
Sweet Dreams

Baby L's storyboard
(I love this soft white blanket. Kacie said as soon as she saw it, she heard a bell and thought “Photos!!” She’s so right)
Sweet L
(Logi held her for 20 seconds until she let out a cry and then he said “I’m done.”
Logi and L
I guess he doesn’t mind the crying that much…
Wonderful big brother

For even more pictures of precious little Lacie, go to

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