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Keri emailed me at the start of summer.  They were planning a trip to Hawaii as a family to celebrate her husband’s 40th anniversary.  It had been over TEN YEARS(!!!) since they had a family portrait together and with their 13 year old twin sons shooting up like weeds, they didn’t want to wait any longer.  They were staying at the luxurious Ko Olina Mariott Beach Club in West Oahu, just 30 minutes away from the heart of Honolulu.  The Beach Club especially caters to families with lagoons perfect for swimming or just basking in the golden sun and you’re just a few steps away from the exploring the Disney Aulani hotel.  When I’m working with families or couple to plan the location, I always ask if they have access to a car because I usually like to get them out of the city and show them the hidden treasures on Oahu.  But when I find out they’re staying at the Mariott or Aulani, I say “perfect, stay right there…I’m coming to you!”

Despite the early hour, everyone was in such a great mood.  They were such a sweet family and I loved getting to know them.  The boys might have seemed a little sleepy at first but woke up quickly as they saw the gorgeous lagoon that was our location.   We climbed on some rocks, dipped our toes in the ocean, and by the end, they were wrestling with dad in the sand.  I love to mix posed and candid shots in photos, I always plan for some free time because that’s when you really see what personalities makes up a family.  And I’m a ninja with my camera, I don’t want to miss any action.  So, dad can have those photos that one day he can point to and say “remember when you teamed up on me but I still won.”  


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