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I love babies!!!   I somehow manage to fall in love with every baby I photograph before we even hit the second outfit change.  This time, I had the advantage because I was working with a family I already know and love.  I was blessed to have been the one they chose to photograph their wedding a few years ago.  So I was stoked to be working with Trevor and Sarah again, but this time, I had eyes only for their little boy.  Levi is just slightly younger than my daughter and they are playmates every weekend in the church nursery.  I don’t know if I would call them “friends” just yet.  They’re still at that age where their only only interest in each other is taking turns pulling each other’s hair (usually out of harmless curiousity) and looting each other’s diaper bags for snacks.  Levi might be younger but he’s so tall and strong that he already dwarfs her and can beat her easily in a crawling race.  Secretly, I’ve been trying to coach my daughter on how to trip him so she can finally win one.

Trevor is the worship pastor for Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay.  Although he’s one of the youngest pastors on staff, he’s a talented song-writer and musician with a clear vision to change the culture of worship.  If you feel the Ko`olau mountains shaking on the weekends, chances are it’s the people of Hope Chapel rocking it out.    You can download their latest worship CD, “Collision,” on amazon or download it from itunes.  Sarah works for Tori Richards and also shows off her design talents with a unique, handmade jewelry line, Ezer Kenegdo, she and two other friends run.   They were just featured recently in Midweek!  But Trevor and Sarah relish their greatest roles, the ones that earned them the title of “mom” and “dad.”  Levi is a happy and deeply loved little boy.  And, yes, I’m a permanent member of the Levi Fan Club.

7 month baby boy photos Kailua Hawaii Oahu

kailua hawaii baby boy photography

kailua hawaii baby boy photos

kailua hawaii baby boy photography with mom sitting in chair

kailua hawaii baby boy photography

kailua hawaii baby boy photography with custom knit hat

kailua hawaii baby boy photography with Jennarations knit hat

kailua hawaii smiling baby boy photos

Baby boy on porch photos in kailua Hawaii

Hand-knit hats provided by Jennarations Yarns of Kaneohe, HI

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