Halloween Baby Session (HB at 8 months)

I admit…I am not creative when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. One, my parents didn’t let us dress up when we were younger and by the time they stopped caring, so did we. And, two, I don’t like spending money. So, I really thought it would be another costume-less Halloween when I remembered I had a summer kimono from my Japan Mission Trip. So I was a Japanese girl…one year of being married into a Japanese family and I fully converted. Halloween fell on a Friday so we wore our costumes to church but we were the rare few. Then we went bowling afterwards with our good friends from Ignite. It was a blast. I was having like one of the best games ever but I had to leave halfway through the game to go to work.

Speaking of dressing up, here’s one little girl who is definitely started early and set the standards high with her creativity.


Happy Halloween Haley


Early bird looking for an early...?

Little chicken

Halloween or Easter?

Adorable halloween costume

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