Growing Up: Baby Mikaela’s Newborn Session

My dad used to tell me that beautiful people have ugly kids…then joking-ly say “too bad for you kids that me and mom are so good-looking.” At least, I hope he was joking. But, alas, I don’t believe him for a second because, time after time, I see beautiful people with even more beautiful babies. Troy and Bow who rocked their maternity session a month ago are now the official beautiful parents of an even more beautiful baby girl, Mikaela.

Mikaela has tons of soft, silky black hair and I caught her sneaking some smiles in her sleep. These pics were taken in the family living room and accented by the tantalizing smell of what appeared to be home-made meat jun cooked by proud grandma, visiting all the way from Thailand. Mom was on hand to help me pose little Mikaela. Scott and I don’t have kids yet so I’m still nervous handling such small little newborns. They look so delicate. Everytime we got her where we wanted, I could finally breathe again.

Here is little Mikaela…
Sleep tight little one

Cuddled up

Mommy's hand is there to comfort

Restful glow

So cute little Mikaela

Just barely long enough

The name says it all

An angel brought a basket of blessing