Engagement Session of Mia and Roy

Roy and Mia’s Engagement Session
Where: Makapuu Beach Park
When: a sunrise on a September morning

Roy and Mia's engagement session I met Mia a few months ago. Mia is an talented young makeup artist and we connected for a bridal shoot. Then I received an email full of exciting news. Her sweetheart, Roy, proposed and the two of them are ready to wed in the summer of 2010. Mia had moved back to Kauai which is where they plan to tie the knot but they wanted to have engagement photos at Makapuu Beach. It’s a special place near and dear to their hearts, especially since it’s where Roy proposed.

Several things made this session unique, but the time was definitely the kicker. I usually schedule sessions for late afternoons for that lovely “golden hour” of soft light. Add in the fact that I’m not the best morning person. This engagement session, however, started about ten minutes before sunrise. And no one was more surprised than me when I just absolutely loved it. The sunrise was beautiful. The couple was gorgeous. And we were blessed with a few baby clouds that softened the sun once it started to get too bright. Roy and Mia were troopers. You couldn’t tell that it was sunrise by looking at them. They looked polished and alert. Me? Hmmm, I relied on caffeine until the adrenaline kicked in. I have so many I consider favorites. There were so many moments when Mia and Roy seemed to forget that there were multiple camera following them and it allowed for the sweetest captures.

And there was quite a crowd of cameras following these two. My second shooter, Joy Pishcura, was nearby scaling the black rocks to get those great shots. And Cody Canada, of Image Creations of Hawaii , was there also providing spectacular videography. Videographers and photographers have to work together since we both are looking for similar perspectives and shots and you don’t want to step on each other’s toes. This was the best working experience with a videographer and I am now permanently spoiled. Check out their website for your video needs. Completely professional and a breeze to work with.
(Love this one. Warning: I might say this often throughout the post)
Mia and Roy's engagement

Surnise over Makapuu
(I just love this one. They’re in their own world and they look so content, you want to walk over and join them. Good thing we didn’t, though.)
Love this one more

Being cutesy

Love this one

Sitting under a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g

Finding shade

Sand Storyboard

This is love

Having too much fun

Makapuu beach
(I danced like a happy fool when I suggested “think you might want to wade a little?” and they went for it. They had a bit of fun splashing each other and I think they forgot we were there)
Don't get swept away
(I really love the first one. I can’t put my finger on it but the landscape is just so beautiful…and of course, the people in it)
Beautiful storyboard

I didn’t want to create a monstrous post but there were some hilarious photos of them playing in the water that you have to see. To see the rest of the images from this morning playing on the beach, go to http://www.keaosphotography.instaproofs.com/ and click on Roy and Mia’s engagement session.

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