Brrrr…there’s a chill in the air

December is my favorite month of the year, it’s basically sandwiched with cheesy Hallmark movies and party feasts between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I just finished up editing a big session with my husband’s working place. I took their staff Christmas picture and then a bunch for their website. Sorry, I never post the photos from the church, but I may provide links eventually.

I’m battling a little cold…cough cough sniffle sniffle. I’m such a wussy sick person. Scott gets sick and he just likes to be left alone. I get a tickle in my throat and I’m eating ice cream for breakfast and making sad eyes at Scott in hopes that he’ll rub my feet. But there’s a lot to do…Christmas cards to finish and get out…reports at work to get in…laundry to wash and fold. After watching a few episodes of Hoarders, there’s also nothing better I like to do each day at home than throw three things away and scrub four things down with bleach. I am trying to plan ahead for the next three months. I have a few sessions lined up, and I’m also looking to take some much-anticipated vacation. Unfortunately, I’ve had to turn down some clients because my schedule was filled up. So if you’re thinking about booking a session, do so very early!!! I would like to do a few more weddings so I’ll be posting new specials on wedding packages. If you know anyone getting married, direct them this way please. The first weekend of March, I’m traveling up to Vegas to take a natural light photography workshop. I’m beyond excited. It’s taught by Audrey Woulard, a phenomenal natural light photographer from Chicago. Her colors and style had a huge impact on my journey. I think its essential to keep challenging and stretching myself. I want to offer some workshops of my own in the spring, just working out the details and managing time.

And because I love pictures: here’s a few fun pictures taken on the sidewalks of Kailua.

Love this.

HB 006

Mmm, wonder what she's contemplating.
[I think this one is a funky angle but I like!!!]
and this one.
[Only I can get so excited by a picture that’s mostly concrete]
I don't know why I like this one so much

HB 010HB 007
[This one would make a gorgeous canvas wrap. She’s beautiful]
She's a charmer

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