Adventures in Babysitting

I have kind of an odd job…if you watch CSI…my job is a deglamorized version of that. Most people are pretty surprised when they find out…they seem to put me in the category of preschool teachers or librarians (which I admit I would love to do either). However, my job is very practical, stress-free, and very secure. I am so blessed, especially in this rough patch in the economy. My days off are pretty variable so I had yesterday and today off. So, I went to my older sister’s and watched her 9 month old twin girls so she could get out and run errand.

Man, my nieces are adorable…but, oh, boy…they can wreak havoc. They are now mobile…they can crawl. They can pull themselves up and thus pull things down. And their new favorite snack is paper. They kept me busy and sometimes I just sat and watched them destroy things together because it was just fascinating to watch. I came home and told my startled husband “I want twins.” He said “okay, as long as they are born two years apart.” Hmmm, I guess that’s a no.

I’m trying to blog but I’m a little distracted watching Top Chef. I definitely have a crush on Fabio. Scott knows…I must tell him 10 times during every episode.

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