Keao, Owner and Photographer

Keao is one of the Hawaiian words for “light.”  I was named after my tutuwahine (grandmother) so it has always held a special meaning for me.  Now that I am a photographer, I find the name even more fitting as I am always watching and chasing that beautiful light.  As a child, I used to write short stories and immersed myself in every book I could find.  My parents knew the best way to scold me was to threaten to take away my library card because that was the worst fate that I could possible imagine.  Then in high school, I took a photography course and fell in love with a new challenge of telling a story, not with words, but through the lens of a camera.

When I’m not carrying a camera, which is rare, I am most likely gazing at my hottie hubbie who thankfully does a majority of the cooking in our house.  I can cook, but it’s just limited to five recipes and people get tired of spaghetti really quickly.  We have two sweet and sassy little girls who have definitely inherited their dad’s quick humor and keep us constantly entertained.
Before motherhood and running my own photography business, I used to enjoy a lot more surfing and hiking but for the time being, my free time is often spent painting little fingernails glittery pink and building epic sand castles.

My passion is portrait photography, I’ve always been drawn to photographing people.  And I love what I do.  I have had the opportunity to work with couples and families from all over the world, from Japan to Australia, from California to New York City, and all over our beautiful islands.  Photo sessions are a little bit of picture taking and a lot of getting to know each other which is the magical ingredient to capturing everyone’s personalities and joy on film…I guess I should say “on digital” but it just doesn’t sound as good=) We’ve already started getting to know each other with me gabbing on and on about myself, I want to hear about you.  Click on the contact form above and let’s start talking!



Owner and Photographer, Keao Photography

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