A cute little 2 year old fairy playing under our mango tree

I have to catch up…last week Friday, Scott and I watched Ali. Her dad called us the night before and he was in a bind. Of course, we’ll watch her!!! We adore her. She calls us “Uncle Scott” and “Auntie Mama.” Pua taught her to call me Auntie Mama and her pronounciation has gotten so much better since the days of calling “Unkle Sock.”

The only downfall was they brought her at some unforgiveable early hours…it was like 7:30 or something. Sheesh. Actually, she looked tired too but her parents dashed any hope that she might take a nap. She’s so adorable, she just talks non-stop. And she spent most of the day in our car. We had to give Jasen a ride to Waipahu and we were a little worried because we remembered how much she hates her carseat. I sat in the back with a DVD player and like 5 kiddie movies. She was so well-behaved but the movies didn’t really keep up with her rapidly shifting attention. She would watch 10 minutes of a movie and then ask for another movie. And she hadn’t eaten breakfast because all we had was rice and iced tea…oh, and japanese hard candy. Actually, I did kind of feed her 3 chocolate chip cookies cause I felt bad that she must be hungry. So we told her that we would stop at McDonalds. Oh, that made her day. It also made the 35 minute drive to Waipahu very long as she kept looking out the window at H-3 and asking for “donohds?” And she kept up the questioning the whole drive back.

And then we had to drive out to Temple Valley and I offered to drive this time and give Scott a break. I put Ali in the car, climb in…and to my surprise, Scott jumps in the back with Ali and leaves me sitting alone in the front. Humph!!! I see where I rank.

Then, we let her play in the backyard with Charlie and made her a little pool out of Scott’s diving bin. I think she had fun. So much fun, that when her babysitter showed up to pick her up, Ali started crying and clinging to us. Oh, it broke my heart. I was this close to calling in sick so she could stay at our house all day. Oh, how we love her.

Here she is with fairy wings in our back yard. What a little angel!!!

Little fairy Ali

Trying her wings out

If I had wings I could fly