7 month old tot-Cute gift idea for football fanatic fathers

If you have seen the glowing anticipation on certain faces, particularly my husband, you know that UH football season has begun. As my husband, Scott, informed me while we were doing our pre-marital sessions, he said “Keao, when you marry me, you marry UH football.” And, yes, UH did get trounced in their first game away against the Florida Gators (was that really such a shocker?), my marriage vows did promise through better or worse.

This morning we babysat a familiar face, our friend’s baby girl “Haley.” As a personal gift, I take her monthly pictures and I’m creating a baby photo album to document her first year. I also use it to continue practicing and growing in photography. This little girl is from a family avidly dedicated to UH football, especially her grandpa. So as an adorable gift that every proud grandpa with football running through his veins, I took UH football themed portraits of Haley. Our photo session didn’t last as long as I wanted because she was hungry (You’ll see what I mean by the first photo) but we got some adorable captures that I know will look great framed our her grandpa’s wall.

She seems to love the taste of plastic. She sampled all our remotes. This is my lens backing.

Yummmyyyy!!! So 'ono.

Go warriors!!!

The next generation in Warrior fans.

Hi Little Miss Sunshine!!!!

Miles of smiles

Okay, this last one is not completely football themed, but she’s just so pretty in it…this one has to go on my blog.

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