Worship Event at Kakaako Park

This past Wednesday was our church all-worship night under the stars in the outdoor ampitheatre at Kakaako Park. This is hands-down one of my favorite things the church does. I love anything that is outdoors at night, movies, hikes, and worship nights. Plus I have fond memories of Kakaako. We used to go there in high school with cardboard boxes and go sleddin’ da hawaiian way. I have a lot of pictures of Ui’s two cuties but i’ve kept asking her if i could practice taking pictures of her kids. Koko, more of a ham, was ready. Actually, Uncle Clinton and I both told her way back on Wednesday that she had to get ready because I was going to be taking pictures of her on Wednesday. She responded by instantly striking a “one hand on the hip, head tilt, big teethy smile.” Okay, Koko, not now. Wait til wednesday. So Clinton and I kept telling her that she couldn’t smile until Wednesday or her mouth would get tired out. She looked all serious and you could tell she was concentrating and she pressed her lips together in a straight line. It lasted 3 seconds before she started giggling again. But, as you can see from the pictures, she got a fresh supply of smiles. That girl can find a camera anywhere…she would be sliding down the hill and she could sense when a camera was on her…full eye contact and big smile.

Ha’o was a little more camera shy…actually, I just got the “not now, I want to slide” look a lot but at the end, he totally gave me the poses. Awesome. The vertical pictures look pixelly…I don’t know why but sometimes it does that when I enter them into my blog. They’re not on my original flickr site, it’s from a back site…but they’re still cute.

ha'o and ko
ko and ha'o
lei and ko

trevor leading worship
tyler drumming the sunset awayTyler drummingha'o and duralhope chapel worship night collision kakaako 136

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