Workshop dSLR II: Focal Group Practice

Intro to dSLR II: Focal Group Practice

Since our first workshop, I have heard:

“What is next? I want to take another class!”

“When is the next class? I need a review already!!”

“I’m forgetting things, can you hold another class?”

So, here’s the next class in the dSLR series.  This workshop is a creative class getting completely out of the classroom and, instead, focusing on hands-on coaching to help you use your camera.  I will pick a unique, beautiful location and recruit happy models ready to take on whatever silly poses we throw their way.  We’ll start by reviewing and clarifying key concepts like ISO, aperture, shutter, and changing focus points.  Then we’ll move into manual mode and I’ll walk you through:

visualizing the photo you want

-composing the final image

-choosing perspectives and angles

-evaluating light and its effect on your camera settings

-how to choose the desired ISO, shutter, and aperture settings

-using natural and man-made reflectors

-bonus: using fill-flash and off-camera flash

My favorite part of previous workshops was the practice photo shoot at the end of the day.  I focused on teaching posing but we glossed over the technical aspects of it.  I’m definitely not missing out on that this time around, everyone has the ability to take gorgeous photos.  I can’t wait to show you!

But I am keeping it super small so I can provide the most hands-on instruction and guidance.  Focal groups work just as perfectly for just one or two attendees and won’t have more than four attendees.  One spot is already taken so sign up fast!

Must be a past or current attendee of the “Intro to dSLR” Workshop or have equivalent mastery.

-Workshop Date:  August 11th, 5-7 pm


dSRL II Focal Group Practice $40


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