Whitni and John- A Maternity Session

John and Whitni, a couple waaaaaayyyyy younger than Scott and me (well way more younger than Scott at least) but married twice as long. They are high school sweethearts from Alaska. Interesting, huh? I think anyone from Alaska automatically earns 50 cool points. They joined our minichurch last year. One Wednesday night, we were sharing prayer requests and they shared that they really wanted a baby. Seriously, the next week they came back and said “guess what, we’re pregnant!!!” They made it look so easy.

I have so much respect for military couples. What a lifestyle, one that I can’t even begin to comprehend. They uproot their lives, move to a completely different state and start fresh. Finding churches. Finding jobs. Making friends. Three years later and it’s back to square one. And then Whitni was in her third trimester when they learned that John would be deployed and it looked like he would leave right before the birth of their first child. Whitni was simply amazing. Just took it in stride and was never anything but her positive, sweet self.

So I met them on base at their home. We aimed for early morning but I think I’m going to aim for late afternoons now. We didn’t get going until nine and then the sun was up and beating down on us. It was getting just too hot outside so we head indoors and finished the session crammed in the corner of what would become baby Gabriel’s room.

Can you tell I’m busy, because I took these pictures when she still had a month to go. And they are now parents…of a little bouncing and beautiful baby boy, Gabriel. And a praise report, John’s orders were changed and he was and is NOT being deployed. Yah Yah!!!

Kissing under a tree

Playing outside

Still young at heart

Window into baby's life

Glowing Whitni

Baby bumps

Waiting for their first blessing

John and Whitni Plus One

Love looks like this

These are most of the pictures but to view the entire album, visit Whitni’s Maternity Session at www.keaosphotography.instaproofs.com

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