Trash The Dress

You spent countless hours scouring bridal magazines and websites.  You tried on…maybe 10…20…30 dresses before you found the one.  Your husband actually teared up when he saw you in it.  Don’t let that dress go into hiding.  Trash the Dress Sessions lets you don your dream bundle of lace and silk for one more fun-filled day.  Now with the freedom of taking pictures without fear of wrinkling or marring it’s perfection before your ceremony.

You can schedule a trash the dress session anytime in the months following your wedding.  A fun, adventurous session starring you and your dress in an outdoor location, the shore…a bamboo forest…or anywhere you choose.  The sky is the limit.  And don’t be scared by the name.  Trash the Dress sessions don’t have to live up to their names.  You can decide how adventurous you want to be in your photo shoot.

 I’m offering an amazing special on trash the dress sessions so check it out under our wedding pricing guide.