The Worden Family

This is a family near and dear to my heart. Although a few years younger (JUST A FEW!!!), Mikey has been a friend of my hubby’s since I think Scott was a jr. high leader at our church and Mikey was…well…in junior high. Scott blames…I mean…credits himself for coaching Mikey’s sarcastic wit to a whole new level at a young age. He married his high school sweetheart, Liz, who is a hair stylist in Kailua and whose dad is on staff with Scott.

Their little girl, Haley, is turning a year old in two weeks (she’s a Valentine baby) so I wanted to do a family session for them. I really wanted to shoot the classic Hawaiian family photo ‘white shirts, blue jeans, and barefoot on the beach.’ Mikey would have none of it. He insisted “we don’t go to the beach, we’re not that kind of family.” Actually, they wanted to take pictures in the bowling alley. It would perfectly have matched their young craziness. However, my full-time job only leaves me with mornings and mid-days. So, our second choice was a urban feeling that I think really captured them well.

Mikey is also going to be helping me set up a photography website. We had our first meeting today and basically it was a “Websites for Dummies” chapter 1 lesson. So, keep watching. My goal is to launch a new website in the next two weeks!!!

family portrait by zias

The Worden Family

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