The Wedding of Scot and Kim-Waioli Tea Room

What: Wedding of Scot and Kim
Where: Waioli Tea House, tucked away on the slopes of Manoa Valley
When: a perfect Sunday afternoon in July

I have been waiting forever to be able to blog about this wedding…it was that much fun. I’m so excited. I was really fortunate that the bride, Kim, found me through her mom’s friend. Her mom was helping with the wedding planning and her friend sent out a email asking for wedding vendor referrals. And who should receive it but my father-in-law who was eager to point out that not only was his son a pastor, but he had a photographer for a daughter-in-law. I was instantly impressed by Kim when I met her and her mom to book her wedding. She was a perfect balance of knowing what she wanted and being very open and relaxed. She had done her research. She liked my photography style. And she was very well-informed about the various aspects of photography. It was a cinch to go over the schedule with her.

Scot and Kim met while surfing. Kim says a mutual friend who was a regular at their favorite surf spot saw this match-up before they did and made this magical connection happen. I always like to ask why couples want to get married. Kim’s answer was genuine and heartfelt. Because She answered that Scot was everything she could ever ask for. And her answer to my follow-up question as why he decided to propose. “Because I told him to.” Hey, I found my soul sister. Same here too, Kim. I did the same thing. So I can testify that it works out great.

The wedding was in an outdoor garden terrace at Waioli Tea House, tucked away in Manoa Valley. We arrived and it was easy to find the bride and groom. They were roaming through the hustle and bustle helping their friends and family set up the reception and ceremony site. This was my first wedding at the Waiola Tea House so I scouted out the area and found the stairs of this sweet stone chapel. It was the perfect backdrop for the family pictures. And as a reminder of what a small world it is, the musicans, family members of the bride, were very familiar to me. Dorothy was my high school classmate and, being neighbor island kids, were boarders in the dormitories from 7th grade. I also recognized her younger brother, Kimo, from school. I was impressed when I heard them play. They are unbelievably talented. Wow, everyone from my high school are all so musically gifted. How come I seem to have missed that class?

Scott, my husband the pastor (not Scot the groom), was in rare form. I think he had a little too much fun during the ceremony. I had a secret smile as the crowd laughed at his jokes. People, be careful. Don’t spoil him. Really, the ceremony started us all off with a huge smile. Kim and Scot didn’t have a rehearsal. They placed much more focus on family and their loved ones and making sure everyone was comfortable and enjoying every second. So, they put their trust in Scott (the pastor) to guide them through the ceremony. Kim disappeared in the final moments before the wedding. My Scott and Kim’s Scot made their way up and waited patiently, chit chatting manly topics (I’m guessing). Kim’s dad waited patiently in the back while Kim’s cousins played beautiful background music. And then, something caught my eye. It was Kim just nonchalantly making her way up the aisle towards her groom, unbeknownst to most people who were engrossed in their conversations (including the pastor and the groom). I tried to mouth to Kim “Is this it?” and whip my camera up to take frantic shots. Scott said she walked up and said “okay, let’s do this.” I think it made his day. It may be the funniest and most endearing wedding memory ever. They did have a redo. Scott sent her back up the aisle so her father could escort her, the audience stood with camera flashes blazing, and her parents could give her away.

Scott and I lingered for a while so we could see Kim perform a hula for her new husband. It was beautiful. Beautiful choreographed by Kimo Palakiko and beautifully danced.

Waioli Tea House wedding
(Kim and Scot on the steps of a quaint stone chapel)
Scot and Kim on the church steps
(sorry, this one is for me. My husband Scott’s main complaint is that I don’t take enough pictures of him. There he is. Probably mentally lining up his jokes.)
Scott, the hubby passing the time until the big wedding

Love this one

Wedding at Waioli Tea House

the vows

the ceremony

the ceremony in black and white

Beautiful blushing bride

Scot and Kim in the garden

Scot and Kim

The bride's hula for her groom

Kim's gift of hula for her husband
Congratulations, Scot and Kim!!! I feel so blessed that I got to be the lucky one to capture your day.
Scot and Kim
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