The Happiest Place on Earth… behind the door that beckons me each night after work.

But we did visit another place that came close…Disneyland. See, it all started a few months ago when Scott and I went to see “Up.” I was blubbering in the movie as usual but this time, when I looked over to Scott I saw that I was not alone. He was wiping away shiny tears on his cheeks. He walked out of the movie with a resounding goal for us to start traveling and not miss out on our dreams. So, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary with a short jaunt up to Los Angeles.

I’ll have to blog with my hubby’s pictures because I didn’t take my camera. I didn’t have room…we probably had the most inefficient packing ever. I had the day off but spent it cleaning the house because we were having a friend house-sit for us. Yes, he’s a 25 year old bachelor who probably could have cared less as long as the mini-fridge and tv was working…but I have an insane need to leave the house spotless. It’s the same reason why I brush my teeth before dentist visits and wash my hair before a visit to the hair salon.

It was such an awesome trip. And although we’ve been back for a week, I feel like I’m just getting back into the swing of things. And just in time. This weekend, I have two sessions coming up. A maternity session for a little baby girl. And a family session for some good friends, Whitni and John. John is being deployed on either Monday or Tuesday and won’t see his wife and 4 month old son until next year. So, we’re really trying to see if we could squeeze in some last minute time together to capture this moment to keep with them for the next months.

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