Surprise Vow Renewal in two days!!!

We just booked a small destination wedding on Thursday, actually, a vow renewal. We don’t have too many vow renewals. Scott had his first vow renewal about two months ago and he came home beaming, he loved the couple. He was re-inspired by their love and their dedication to each other after years of being together. So, I was really fired up when I received an email from Ross. He’s been married for four years and he’s taking his wife on a well-deserved vacation to Hawaii. He came up with the idea of giving her the wedding in paradise that she never had as a surprise. Isn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard. Scott has been in Japan on a missions trip for our church so I’ve had to make the arrangements myself. They are actually vacationing on the Big Island but are visiting Oahu for the day. For selfish reasons, I’m also getting so excited to take pictures. Wedding season slows down after summer’s ends and I miss the thrill of photo sessions. I wish it was Thursday already.

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