Storyboard-Rolling at three months

If you see some familiar characters, here’s the back-story. My sister has five girls. She had two at a real young age, waited fourteen years and had a third girl. You’ll see plenty pictures of her on my blog. When she turned nine months old, my sister found out she was having twin girls. And, thus, really…this is where I get tons of practice shooting babies at all different ages. Three months is a great age. They’re learning to laugh and smile, they make great eye contact and they are still pretty stationary.

Here’s a storyboard of Chayne’s rolling…Cheyenne hasn’t learned how yet(probably because she insists on being carried every waking minute). Chayne is real smart…she tucks her knees under her butt until she’s off-balance and then her body just naturally rolls over. I watched her do it three times.

chayne rolling

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