Sneak Peek: Scot and Kim Wedding

Here’s a sneak peek from Scot and Kim. Kim and I had to come up with a system to distinguish our husbands (he’s officially hers now) and our conversations were punctuated with my “my scott” versus her “my Scot.” I chose this one because…well, it’s horizontal and it’s just a lot simpler to fit in the column…but also because I love how attentively Kim is listening to that handsome officiant. I was so nervous during my own wedding, I kind of just stared blankly at Pastor Ralph and I was caught a little off-guard when it turns out he was asking me for my vows. Not Kim, she’s enjoying every second of her day. If there was a quiz at the end, I’m sure she would have aced it. Kim, don’t spoil my husband. He might expect the same set of listening skills from me. And I’m a daydreamer through and through.

Sneak Peek: Scot and Kim wed

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