Sneak Peek: Kacie Maternity Session

So, let’s see. Those who have taken it upon themselves to police my “Live with Less” challenge (see previous post)…I’m only trying to meet the three bolded goals.

I’m realistic…those three are a big enough challenge for me. But I appreciate the friendly scoldings I’ve gotten from like John-John when I try to buy lunch from McDonalds. But (said sweetly) back off, JJ, I want my fries and ice cream!!! =) I try to plan anything I can for the hours of 4 to 6 to fill in those two empty hours without a tv or computer. I sprained my ankle last week and I’m still hobbling around so it definitely puts a damper on any real activities. Scott seems to think we’ve switched the two hours of tv time for two hours of daily napping. But I really like the challenge so far. Try it with us, people!!! You can come over and we all sit together in my quiet living room. And I’ve been sticking to the By the sea

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