Sneak Peek: Coral Newborn Session

Hey folks. I’m super bummed, I had to pass up the opportunity to second shoot for my favorite wedding photographer (also happened to have been my wedding photographer). She’s one of my favorite photographers, check out her site and you’ll see why. My schedule is completely packed this fall. I’m having to put in more work at my day job because we’ve lost almost a third of our staff and we’re currently in the middle of a painfully long hiring freeze. Between pitching in more at work, a trip up to the northeast for a wedding, some personal projects, taking some workshops to better my products and skills, I’m also looking to overhaul my website and give it a prettier and functional facelift. Please know that I am accepting less bookings during this time in order to devote more time and energy to each of my sessions. My next openings are not until December and early next year, so please contact me to reserve your booking as soon as possible.

My favorite part of today, here’s a sneak peek from this week’s newborn session with baby Coral. I have to break my usual rules and post two pics for this session sneak peek. I can’t decide which one I like better. Coral’s daddy was out for a run during her photo session (can you believe that the father of a 2 week old has the energy to run in this Honolulu heat), but he wanted to make up for any time not completely adoring his new daughter. He wrapped her up in his arms and wouldn’t let go. And she (as you can tell) couldn’t have been more content.

Hey daddy

Sneak Peek: Coral Newborn Session

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