Sneak Peak-Ross and Jeannine Vow Renewal

I think I mentioned it already, but Scott had a request to do a surprise vow renewal. Never heard of a “SURPRISE” vow renewal? Well, neither have we. Ross, married for 6 years with 2 kids and one on the way, was taking his wife on a long-anticipated vacation to Hawaii. He emailed me asking if we could help him organize a surprise vow renewal for his wife. They were actually staying on the Big Island (hey, my home island…woohoo) but were visiting Oahu for one day. She, apparently is a history buff and they wanted to see Pearl Harbor. Which reminds me, I’ve never been there. Shame on me. Ross and I were looking at a few beaches near the airport but he wanted to choose the most scenic beach and make it perfect. So, he rented a convertible and we set the ceremony for the windward side. Sigh, white sandy beaches and the Pacific Ocean the sweetest shade of blue. When the actual day came, she was more than a little surprised. I think it was bordering on shock. They had to take some time to just sit together on the beach and process the whole “hey, sweetie, we’re getting married again in Hawaii.” And then she was ready to get started.

My husband, Scott, performed the vow renewal and they stood on the white sandy shore with absolutely no one around them. I wasn’t close enough to hear the ceremony over the sound of the ocean, but just watching this couple together was joyful. She was absolutely sweet and so beautiful. They’re expecting their third child this spring and she’s still so petite. Even before I met them, I knew he adored her from the way he speaks of her. But watching them, you could see it over and over. He gazed at her like she was the only thing he could see. *sigh* Love. *sigh*

I’m working on the photos now because but here’s a sneak peak. I think these, by far, are my three favorite of the whole batch.

A vow renewal on the windward shores

I want to hold hands for forever

What a loving embrace