Six Month Milestones

Olympics are jacking up my sleep schedule. I get home late and then I just have to watch the Olympics we recorded on our TiVo. Even with fast-forwarding, I’ve been staying up to three in the morning. Whenever I watch the Olympics, I always get inspired. As I get older, my options of realistically making it to the Olympics get more limited. I remember when the Utah Olympics had that sport where you slid a “thingee” on the ice to try to make it onto a target…that may be my best chance if that ever returns to the Olympics. I like to sweep. I’m going to have to start training, I wonder if Ice Palace will let me bring in my own broom.

Last night, we had this HUGE flying cockroach in our living room. If only I had thought to videotape the shenanigans that followed. Scott tells me to get the RAID as he starts to roll up the newspaper. Why? I ask as I watch his fist clench his 5″ long newspaper tube. “To back me up, Keao.” Hmmm, I wonder if this was in our wedding vows. I really should have paid more attention. I grab the Raid and I watch as Scott takes the first try. This huge “moth-like” creature is flying figure eights in our living room and Scott is trying to swat it…crippled by his fear of roaches…as he cringes and ducks as he futilely swings his short little newspaper tube. He’s nowhere near the roach. But he seems to be creating updrafts that the roach is now cruising in. It landed on the wall and Scott ran and swatted the wall, but he flinches at the last moment and hits the wall a full two feet below the roach. Then, I jump in the mix with the RAID trying to spray it as it flies erratically around our heads, thus creating a mist of pesticide around our heads. It was a good five minutes of Scott frantically swatting at air with his eyes closed and me trying to spray an almost empty RAID can before we managed to decimate that sucker. Oh, I hate flying roaches.

Hey, little HB turned six months old. Although, you can probably figure out her real name from the pictures. She’s so cute. She sits perfectly and I think six months of picture-taking has trained her well. Liz was trying to feed her but everytime she heard the shutter clicking, she instantly looked at the camera. That-a-girl!!! Her blue eyes are more gray by now, so stunning.

Oh, there's her name after all.

HB in her own livingroom

HB turns 6 six months old


SHe really wants that spoon

HB and her first real baby food

Hey, tomorrow is Hoops Jam if anyone wants to help out.

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