Shannon and Robert’s Wedding-October 20th 2008 at Ko Olina

Trying to catch up…when you pray for rain…better be happy when it pours. Here I’ve been struggling to find work and practice for my photography and photoshop processing skills. And, the month of October has offered multiple weddings with A Treasured Moment Hawaiian Weddings. As soon as I finished with one wedding, it’s already time for the next one.

I had an assistant for this wedding, I corraled Joy Pishcura into accompanying me and second shooting. It was awesome because we could get different perspectives at the same time. i hope that one day we can go into business together, I’ve heard a lot of wedding photography businesses are married couples, but Scott is pretty happy in his pastoral job. I think Joy and I could come up with a business name like “Joyful Light Photography” or “Joy and Light Photography.” (My name means light in case you were wondering). This couple was Shannon and Robert from Alaska. Hey, I’ve been to Alaska. I joked with them that I’m from Hawaii and went to Alaska for my honeymoon and they did the exact opposite. Shannon gave me these beautiful moments when she laughed and I caught her giving this look right at the camera. Looking at the pictures, it made you feel so included in their intimate ceremony. There was also this adorable little boy Carter with striking blue eyes (rare here in these islands) and I saw my assistant a little distracted as she must have taken like fifteen frames just with him.

This ceremony had a dove release and a butterfly release. I’ve never seen the butterfly release before and I loved it. They seemed to want to take their time dancing around before landing on leaves nearby.

Courtesy of Joy
I don’t know what she whispered to the bridesmaids but I’m still curious

Whispering secrets

Ring exchange

A hawaiian lei ceremony.

Giving of the leis

I wonder what's in the basket.

What? Is it picnic time already? I think there might be something else in there.

So cool, looks surreal

They also released two butterflies that flittered around and landed nearby. So beautiful.

Butterfly release

there’s that over the shoulder glances that made me feel like she was sharing a secret with me.

I love this knowing look

Shannon and Robert

Barefoot on the rocks

The friends and family of Shannon and Robert, married October 20th 2008 at Ko Olina.

Friends and Family at the Wedding of Robert and Shannon

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