Sarah and Ava-Maternity Session

Little Ava, when will you be joining us? When I first started to become really good friends with Scott, he was working at Hope Chapel with another young guy, Russell. I remember the church sent them both to a conference in Florida and Scott would call me to talk…and his roommie, Russell, would be chatting on the phone with his “friend,” Sarah. Well, three years later, they’ve been married for about two years and are expecting to grow their family by one beautiful baby girl. They moved to a different church, Grace Bible (hey, I used to go there with Josh), but they hit me up with an email asking if I would want to take maternity pictures of Sarah. Would I? So cool!!! Something completely foreign to me but what an opportunity because it is becoming very popular nowadays. The one thing that I learned when I had her sit on the grass is that hapai women will be uncomfortable in certain sitting positions. I had no experience of that so I definitely learned quickly that you can’t ask them to be doing the splits.

(this one was just a casual snapshot…however, Sarah and the little “nameplate” are super cute…and I was really surprised that this photo rapidly got 37 hits on my flickr site in one day. wow!

Sarah and Ava

(hee hee…no, this session was at Sarah’s mom’s house in Kaneohe…we didn’t rapidly jump to Waimanalo beach…I shamelessly photoshopped the background. I’m usually not a big fan because it adds a fake touch to things…but I felt it made this one more dreamy and artsy)

A beautiful name for a beautiful girl

(taken against the side of the house…so simple…but I really like this one)

Love the belly shots

(here’s also why researching poses can be rewarding. I saw the idea of using an ultrasound with the parents holding it on flickr…and I just changed it up to appear more like a window into Ava’s life right now. Absolutely one of my favorites. I would put this on our walls but I think Scott and Stanton might not approve.
A glimpse of Ava's life

(from the beginning, Sarah wanted to take pictures in this little separate living room. It was such a cloudy day that I didn’t think there would be enough light so I kept it for last…she was right, it was perfect lighting. Every shot was absolutely beautiful.)
Sarah and Ava

(the most popular pose for maternity shots…I don’t care…so worth it. So cute)
Ava will be loved every day of her life

(these are just a few select images, maternity sessions are private galleries that can only be viewed with the approval of the client)

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