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Oh, my, we are certainly blazing through summer. Ugh, I’m not exactly a big fan of the heat. I grew up on rainy mountainside on the Big Island and I like my days gray and chilly. What?!? What kind of Hawaiian am I?   Although, even with the heat, this is the rainiest summer I can remember in a long time. Using Oahu’s amazing landscape as a beautiful backdrop for family photos means that I become part photographer/part weather girl, spending my days cloud-gazing. I know what time the sun rises and what time it sets at different times of the year, and I’m always searching for that perfect mix of golden light.

My husband and I have tried to start walking every other day together and I guess all these years together have started to rub off on him. We were roaming the hills in our neighborhood pushing our girls in a double stroller and enjoying the scenery. The sun was warming the clouds just over the peak of the Ko`olau Mountains and Scott said “this light would be perfect for photos.” I had to laugh, gosh-darn-it, he’s catching on.

I’ve been working to keep up with editing so I realize I neglected my blog. I’m back…and what better way to get back on track then by introducing you to a little heart-throb. Jaxton turned one this summer and we were fighting the rain for his session too. I truly dislike postponing sessions due to weather, usually because I’m so excited to take photos that I can’t wait any longer. Not to mention, all the time the family has spent in getting ready, they’re excited too! So, we nixed our original location (which was now under a deluge of rain) and chased the sun north along the windward coast. I love the windward side and there are tons of amazing choices. We had our pick! Jaxton was an absolute darling. He is such a ham, there was no warm-up phase needed. He was playing to the camera from the very first frame. He stole my heart and I’m still waiting for it back!

I always offer to meet with families first, prior to a session, but I am finding that most families are just too busy to always take that up. Joyce and Preston are a hard-working parents balancing work and a very very very (I’m tempted to add in just one more “very”) bubbly and energetic 1 year old. It was their first time taking professional photos so we emailed often, prepping and planning out their session. They, like every other family, wondered what they should wear. Fortunately, I have a “What to Wear” guide which Joyce said she studied closely. And although it seemed like I had been friends with Joyce since forever, we didn’t actually meet until they stepped out of the car on their session day. I can’t remember what I did, but I know I wanted to throw my arms around them and pick them up in a group bear hug. They looked amazing! Jaxton with his cheeky little blue tie had me skipping in glee. Seriously, how cute is he?!? The bright blues popped against the vibrant greens and then they switched it up with a soft orange for Kualoa Beach. Gorgeous family!

They were just as sweet as can be. One of the best things about this job is meeting new people…that quickly become new friends. I can’t wait to see Jaxton next year for his 2 year photos but that seems too far away. I think 15 months is a pretty big milestone…and 18…and 20=) You heard me, Joyce, let’s schedule it in!

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My baby girl is turning one at the end of summer and I wish I could stop time and keep her my baby forever.   I know how fast time passes by and the best we can do is to capture these precious moments and hold fast to their memories.  I can help.    If you’re interested in booking a portrait session with your loved ones, use the contact form above or email me at keao@keaosphotography.com.  And you will find more favorite photos on my Facebook Page, so head over and become a fan.  I’ll see you there!!

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