New to the world: Baby Gabriel (Full Edition)

Hello folks. I’m back. I can’t believe it but tonight is the last night on my midnight shift. I’m actually switching next week to regular business hours at work and thus the concept of ….SLEEPING AT NIGHT. Whoa…shocking. I’m super excited and super nervous because I have a big wedding in less than two days. So I took some time to finish up the session for baby Gabriel’s newborn session.

Who: John Victor Gabriel
Proud parents: John and Whitni
Birth Stats: 6.13 oz and 18 inches long on a blistery Hawaiian Thursday (maybe not blistery) in April
Lifetime Achievements: MORE hair than most grown men
Session Age: (7 days old)

I recruited friend, Abby, to take me to photograph Gabriel’s newborn session on-location at his home on Kaneohe Marine Corps Base. We were greeted by sweet smiling, but slightly tired mommy “Whitni.” It seems that little Gabriel loves eating and did so for hours and hours the night before. She said he just fell asleep an hour or so earlier. She fed him a little more and than brought him down. I hadn’t had a chance to see him (only through cell phone pictures) because of my persistent cold, but he was even cuter than the pictures. Thick silky dark hair and his mom’s nose. He seemed to be awake but didn’t want to open his eyes, instead he just yawned and smiled as if he was telling himself non-stop knock-knock jokes.

We were joined by our other friend (man this house is social and busy for 8 in the morning), Stacy, who lived nearby and just walked over. She’s majoring in photography so she brought her film SLR. We only managed to get through half the poses because when we started to reposition him, little Gabriel decided he was ready for meal number 7 of the day. He started knawing on the blanket and chewing away with his little adorable gums. “Um…Whitni…I think he might be hungry again.”

Here’s my faves from the day. I hope they captured how sweet and easy-going he is. He already shows such a sunny disposition and smiles away the day. (BTW, check out the new logo)

Sleep sweetly baby Gabriel

Smiley Gabriel

Hold fast to dreams

Who needs a crib when you have a basket?

His clasped hands are so cute

All this hard work makes me tired
*(the second is one of my favorites. Look at him chomping on his fingers!!!)
Told you he was hungry
(this one was all John and Whitni’s idea…pretty creative on such little sleep)
Smooches all around

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