My new apprentice

Every week, our house usually gets a visit from an adorable little 18 month old little girl. I once told my roommate, Tricia, “HB loves you.” To which she replied “HB loves everybody.” And it’s so true. She loves to hug people and she starts to booty dance every time she hears music, even if it is just you singing to yourself. And my husband is the worst. One time, he rushed into the room her on one arm and a tub of M’n’M’s in the other hand and gave both to me. He said “Here. She wants candy and I can’t tell her no. You tell her.” Oh goodness.

She’s so photogenic that I have been using her as my model for…well, eighteen months.
Miss HB

Portraits of Miss HB

But she’s starting to pick up the whole camera thing. Now she races towards my camera and lifts it up to her face. It’s much heavier than regular point-and-shoot cameras so I’ve always got a firm grasp on one end. The other day, she figured out how to press the shutter. I took a look and holy cow, she took a really nice picture. I think…I think she’s got talent.

Work of an apprentice
Now the logo is actually incorrect. A photo always belongs to the individual who took it. So, disclaimer here: This photo is actually the property of HB, I guess I have to make a “HB Photography” logo. Just a few color curve adjustments in PS and there’s your final product. I’m thinking I can be her second shooter when she hits five.

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