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Mia and her family were planning a vacation at the Aulani Hotel on the west end of Oahu and they wanted to take family photos. When Mia emailed me, she mentioned that she had grown up in Japan and in the United States. She, her husband and her two beautiful children are now living in the US but her parents live in Japan. S0, every year, they plan a family trip and meet in the middle, in Hawaii.  They look forward to this time they have together, especially since it comes just once a year.

It made me think of the growing up here in Hawaii.  We don’t get to see some of our loved ones very often, as we are separated by islands and continents.  But, my husband’s parents live just down the road from us and our girls get to spend time with them every weekend.There’s something remarkable about the bond between grandchildren and grandparents. We’ve taken family trips together and there is something so special about that time together. And at the end of the trip, the highlight for our girls will always be that everyone they loved was under the same roof.  And as I was taking photos of Mia’s family, I saw that same love and excitement.

So, plan those trips and make those memories! If distance seems too large, meet in the middle.  And save a sunny afternoon for me and we will take photos of these precious memories.

anniversary photography by Ko Olina Aulani photographer

childrens photography Ko Olina Photographer

childrens photography Ko Olina Photographer

mom and kids photos by Aulani Ko Olina photographer

mom and kids photos by Aulani Ko Olina photographer


take a family photo on vacation at Ko Olina Hawaiigorgeous family photos in Ko Olina Oahugrandparents with their grandkids Ko Olina Hawaii

photo of siblings in Ko Olina by Oahu photographer

Ko Olina Oahu Photographer-Three generations of women


Aulani anniversary photographer on Oahu


The sun was blazing and the kids could not be that close the to the Pacific Ocean and not be in it.  So with camera in tow, we abandoned land for the welcoming sea.

Ko Olina family photos in the water

family photography at Ko Olina near Aulani

family photography at Ko Olina near Aulani

Ko Olina Family Photographer photos with fun

Oahu Family Photographer at Ko Olina

Staying at the Aulani, Mariott Beach Club, or Four Seasons Ko Olina and want family photos?  Use the contact form in the menu above or email with the dates of your visit and the number of people in your family!

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