Ko Olina: Wedding of Michael and Celeste

Yah, I am so excited to post the photos from Michael and Celeste’s beach wedding. One, this batch took a little more work due to the cold and gray skies we’ve been having…I know, isn’t Hawaii always supposed to be paradise. They traveled all the way from California with close friends and really wanted a wedding on the sand with the sun setting behind them. Celeste’s cousin who acted as their wedding planner found Scott and me on craigslist and decided to hire us both, Scott for his superb officiating and me for my not-so-shabby photography. Hawaii delivered on the “wedding on the beach” half but weather didn’t yield a sunset for us. Our little island is slowly freezing to ice here in the Pacific Ocean, we’ve been hit with quite a cold storm front. I mean, the current temperature is 64 degrees (okay, i’ts five in the morning)…but we locals aren’t really made for this kind of weather(I know…I know…we’re spoiled). However, this wedding party seemed oblivious to the cooler climate…the party seemed to have started long before the ceremony even began.

The second reason I’m so excited…I just have so many favorites. I don’t think I’ve ever blogged this many. It was just such a blessing for me and my husband. I really love being able to photograph weddings that he’s working as well. I love his style and I am also familiar with his rhythmn. It helps me prepare for my next shot. And everyone who came to support Michael and Celeste were so unbelievable nice. They picked a beautiful spot on the sand right next to the black rocks and blue ocean. I even got to engage in some Nikon vs. Canon shop talk while following the wedding party as they clambered over rocks. By far, my most adventuresome couple. Congratulations!!! Eight years in the making and worth the wait.


Waiting for her prince

Wedding on the Beach What God has united on this day... The men Girls only club Give em some privacy!!!

To view all the images from this day, go to http://www.keaosphotography.instaproofs.com/. (Email addresses entered are only used to notify you when the album is taken off-line)

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