John-Whitni-Baby G Family Session

My friend John is being deployed shortly. His intial departure was last Monday and has slowly been postponed day by day…with the last departure date given set for tomorrow. With a five month-old and a beautiful, sweet wife, Whitni, to anchor him to his new home here in the islands, we pushed really hard to squeeze some time in for them to take some pictures. Pictures to keep with them in these next months apart. We met late one afternoon on Waimanalo beach…the wind was just roaring. Baby G was a little stunned by the wind, he stared it in the face until his eyes gave in and he had to duck behind his daddy’s broad shoulders. Whitni, another budding photog, had her camera out and was snapping away at the gorgeous backdrop of the Koolau mountains. With babies, you really just have to go with the flow. We took as many pictures on the sand until the wind got to be too much for baby. So we moved in towards the mountains. Then he was having a bit of teething fits so we took as many breaks as he needed for bottle time and some “chew on daddy’s finger” time that he needed. I actually like it more…I like to fade in the background until they forget I’m there and then I snap away and capture their “real” family moments.

I love this adorable family. My hubby and I are blown away by the dedication and day-to-day commitment of military men and women.

Blog board Family portrait

Pondering the sea

Father and son



Snack break

Tummy time
(Baby’s G’s expression during most of our afternoon together. He does not hold back at all)
Hmm, someone wasn't too thrilled
(the magic solution that all parents apparently know)
Teething smiles
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