It’s almost time…

to say “Happy Thanksgiving!!!”

I’m at work with the time dwindling down to when I can race out the door and begin my holday activities. I think I managed to get some work done but probably not a lot. My brain was on the fritz. The only thing I could manage to think of was the words to every Christmas song written this century. I’m thinking it’s probably because this morning brings us Thanksgiving but they’ve been piping Christmas music over the PA system for three days already. I cannot believe how slow time is ticking by. I went to the water fountain, I hibernated my laptop, cleaned out my items from the fridge…a whopping three minutes have elapsed.

I used to teach high school science. This must be what students feel like at the end of the school day. I’m distracted with daydreams of turkey (my favorite), mashed potatoes, and stuffing. Aw, sigh. Oh, and Beyonce has a special on TV. So excited to begin the day.

I’m so thankful
-for my husband, Scott, who I think is hilarious and cracks me up every day. The only person who finds him funnier is, well, Scott himself.
-for having a secure and stable day job. Yes, I’m getting furloughed next year but we’ll make it through.
-that our dog, Charlie, is free of any health situations. He seems happier and we’re much happier not having any more vet bills.
-for being able to learn so much more about photography and being able to meet more people who love photography almost as much as I do.
-for being blessed with the most awesome couples, babies, and families on photo shoots. I have been so fortunate to have sweet clients who I still try to keep in touch with, they’re that amazing.
-and of course, loyal friends and family who are there to support me and make me laugh every week.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!