I’m so ready for 2009!!!

Now that the frantic buzz of holidays has completely faded, I started to go stir-crazy wanting to get back into some good old photography. Following the holidays, it is hard financially for all of us to really consider investing in capturing memories. I was working out at 24 hour fitness club (yes, 21 days into my new year’s resolution and still going strong). I was running on the treadmill and looking enviously at all the shiny machines that I have no clue how to use. I started thinking, if 24 would just start marketing their fitness trainers. Maybe having happy hours where the trainers are on the floor to answer questions or maybe promoting special offers. Then, I thought, hey, why don’t I do that. So, look for specials for every month. I want to create opportunities for anyone to have some beautiful photographs, no matter their circumstance. It’s fun for me to try to think up different and creative offers. I like changing it up. Look at the top of the pricing pages for special discounts or deals.

All wedding photography sessions booked for January or February 2009 are 20% off. Stay tuned, I’m brainstorming a February “LOVE” special for keiki or couple portraits.

Thankfully, for me, the last few weeks things have started to roll in…two possible maternity shoots, a keiki shoot, two weddings…oh, yah baby. I’ve been so bored, now I can get back to what I love. Tomorrow I’m photographing a family for the end of a 11-month long project I’ve been working on (a sneak peek in the near future). I should go to sleep but I’m just too excited.

I hope your 2009 has been absolutely wonderful!!!

A tree softly whispering in the wind

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