I think the Big Island is rubbing off on me

I’m here on the slopes of Paauilo nestled along the Hamakua coastline on the Big Island  finishing up a long-anticipated trip to see my family.  It’s been a fantastic assembly of days.  My sister and brother finally got to meet my baby girl and I finally had the chance to meet my very first nephew who is about to turn one in  2 months.  I am running dangerously low on computer memory as I’ve uploaded gazillions of pictures everyday to my poor overburdened laptop.  There’s been a lot of cows, horses, rodeos, huge home-cooked meals (courtesy of my little sis), barbecuing with real cowboys, and even some country music easy listening.  It’s been amazing to get back home and show Scott the trees I used to climb, the gulches we used to play in, and the hills we used to cardboard sled down.  Can you tell we didn’t grow up with a television?  I’ll be sad to leave my family and I’m already planning our next trip to this relaxed isle.

One thing I did heavily miss was cell phone connection.  My cell phone was reduced to being a oversized pocket watch.  I’ve been utterly spoiled by Oahu and it’s 3G networks and being able to use my cell phone almost everywhere.  I’ve only been able to spotcheck emails on our few trips to Hilo (30 miles away) and I have been jonesing to blog daily on this trip.  But, Paauilo has forced us to take a well-needed break from technology.  But I will be returning your emails by tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow we return to the “city” of Kaneohe.  Thankfully, I’ve weaned enough of a signal off of Scott’s hot spot phone to upload a sneak peek from a maternity shoot last week with Leinell and Jefferson.   I’ll check back in when I’m back on the windward side with my McDonalds french fries in one hand and updating my twitter feed with the other.

Ko Olina Maternity photography West Oahu

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