Family: Joe and Evelyn’s family (extended)

A photography business has two main components. “Photography” (which I love) and “Business” (which I am still working on). This the third month I’ve overbooked myself…again. *sigh* Mentally scolding myself as we speak. I keep meaning to take a break, give my poor hubby some quality time without my laptop molded to my lap…relax on the beach with a good book. However, it’s the first half of “Photography Business” that gets me in trouble. I love photography. I get so excited when something comes up. An opportunity presents itself and the photography addict in me starts bargaining “Go for it, Keao, you can make time. You’ll make it work.” I just can’t resist. Good photographer, bad bad business-woman. Ha ha. Seriously, you get there and it’s so worth it.

For example, last week I received a call from Evelyn, the sweetest woman in the world. She and her husband, Joe, are sweethearts who moved to these islands years ago from Guam. They have raised three amazing kids and they are such a tight family. They joined our church’s boot camp exercise together. I’m offering an “Introduction to Digital Photography” seminar in August and they signed up….together. They even do yardwork together. How do I know? They used to be my landlords. Before I married Scott, some friends and I rented out the first level of their duplex. And I fell in love. They were amazing to live under. I can’t count how many times I would hear a knock on our door and there was Joe or Evelyn with a steaming pan of deliciousness saying “Oh, we made extra, so please enjoy.”

In our premarital counseling, Scott and I read a chapter on “leaving and cleaving your family.” Since living in a dorm as a seventh grader at Kamehameha Schools, I have pretty much lived on my own. So I thought this would be an easy and done deal. But the Flores family had quickly become family to me and when I finally got married, there was some definite moments of sadness and wishful thinking. I often joked with Evelyn that I was working on Scott to leave the house he grew up just so we could move back in with the Flores family.

Joe’s father was on island visiting so it was a rare moment to have the family together for pictures. Evelyn and I threw this together last minute so we were looking for someplace close by. So we chose Kaneohe District Park. I have a new favorite location. I can’t believe I haven’t used it before. It has a gorgeous backdrop with the Koolau mountains and these pretty shading trees. I was a little worried about the sheer number of people (with Joe’s sister and brother and their respective families), so I recruited fellow photographer, Joy Pishcura.

(Grandpa and all the grand-kids)
Grandpa and the grand-kids
(the whole family. Missing only Carl who was firing up dinner on the grill for their barbecue)
The whole family
just some silly fun, Connie (far right) and her son ,Dural (middle), and nephew Joseph Jr. (left)
Clowning around

the men
(Joe and Evelyn)

Joe and Evelyn's family
(Joe and Evelyn with their amazing kids, Joe Jr., Kardyn, and Jared)
Family 1
(Dural, a good friend of ours. We usually see him 2 to 3 times a week. Totally worth it)
Guam Family 007
(Dural and his mom, Connie, who is also Joe’s sister)

Dural and Auntie Connie
(Joe’s brother Carl couldn’t make it so we took tons of pictures of his foursome)
Family 2
(just some goofing around in the park)
blog storyboard 2
To view these images and the the other images from this session, please visit and select “Joe and Evelyn’s album.”

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