Erin and Anthony’s Wedding- Oct 11 at Ko Olina

I smell like the ash at the bottom of a firepit at camp. Last night at my other job, otherwise known as “the not-as-fun” job, I had to go to the scene of a fire at the preschool at Central Union Church on Punahou Street. It was overnight so no one was present at the time of the fire. Apparently it took about forty firemen and two oceans of water to put it out because there was a nice lake in the rooms when I got there. I wear crappy shoes to work and they are pretty absorbent so they sucked in all the ashy water and I was squishing around while I took photographs. We’re supposed to be issued galoshes for this reason but they never issued ’em to me. My shoes dried out but they still smell like the remnants of a campfire. Not a horrible smell so I guess it will just fade away. When I got there, there was tons of firemen roaming around rolling up their hoses and cleaning up. Someone joked “Hey, Keao, look at all these young strapping men here for you to look at.” I replied “No way!!! I’m married. I can’t look…….too slowly. Just a few quick looks and that’s it.” None of them can compare to Scottie!!!

Here are photos from my third wedding this past weekend working with Moana from A Treasured Moment Weddings. This one was at Ko Olina…I had absolutely no clue that if you walk to the right when facing the lagoon, you would find these beaches that people use for weddings. Apparently, everyone else on Oahu knows because during this wedding, there was another wedding going on, two brides/grooms and their photog shadows were clambering on the rocks behind us as well as two more couples having their photographs taken for what I assume are their engagement sessions. Crazy. No wonder because it was absolutely beautiful…it epitomizes what you may dream up of as an island paradise. The sun was going down towards the end and created this eerie blue cast in the photos which I actually really dug. And Moana sets up such beautiful environments for the ceremony and moments.

the maid of honor

Maid of Honor-E and A's Wedding

Here she comes-E and A's wedding

THe bridal handoff-E and A's wedding

I should crop the following in more…but I do love these bouquet shots The bouquet-E and A's wedding

With these rings-E and A's wedding

where is that ring?

Oh, she started to tear up during her vows…so touching. It reminded me of Scott bawling his eyes out during our wedding….aaaahhh

She teared up doing her vow

Friends and Family-E and A's wedding

Sunset at Ko Olina- E and A's wedding

Sunsets, a new start

The toast

The following is probably my favorite shot…like ever.

My favorite first dance shot

For more photos, you can view the entire album at and clicking on Erin and Anthony.

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