Dancing in the hallways (just me)

I just had a random thought that watching “So You Think You Can Dance” is a deadly combination when you mix in the fact that they pipe in music through all the rooms and hallways in my office building. Apparently, I now think I can dance…and I tend to do so down the hallways when I swept up by the music. I’m always in the middle of my “dance for you life” solo when some officer walks around the corner…ogh!!!

Although, I don’t just think I can dance….I know I can!!!. Okay, maybe I’m losing my touch. Last month, I was hanging out with family and I decided to show my teen niece how you’re really supposed to dance. My dad sweetly said “oh, keao, stop. You unfortunately inherited dance skills from me…which are zero to none.” I was super indignant.

Me: “What? I can dance. Dad, I danced in high school. Don’t you remember?

Dad (perplexed look)

Me: Remember? I was on the school’s dance team. Ring a bell?

Dad (perplexed look not fazing)

Me: Hello. I was gone for a whole summer in high school because I was at grandma’s ( on a totally different island than where we live) so I could go to the summer practices.

Dad: You did? When was this?

*sigh* Family. But anyways, just keep an eye out when doing turns down the hallway at work.

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