Babies in the wash

My husband, Scott, is on a mission trip to Sapporo, Japan with a small team from our church, Hope Chapel. Leaving me with way too much time on my hands so I fill my days with exciting stuff like cleaning out our closet and organizing my drawers. Party at my house, huh?

I purchased a new lens recently and was so excited that I got a chance to use it yesterday. My twin nieces turned 4 months old a week ago. I always take pictures of them in Darilyn’s room because she has the most light. This week, I was a little surprised to see she had a black sheet on her bed so it was a new background for me. I used Darilyn’s hot pink laundry basket with a pillow in it and a white puffy “winter coat?” she had. Why does she need a winter coat? She lives in Waipahu!!! Well, it worked in my favor.


Cheyenne is fascinated by something on the wall


Chayne getting ready for a bath

I think sibling rivalry is setting in a little more as the twins get older. Lauren, who for a year and a half was my only photography subject now finds herself sharing the spotlight with not just one, but two more girls. I think she misses being the center of attention, what do you think?

Storyboard of a little sibling rivalry

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