Another year older

I turned 35 this past weekend.

What do they say? Another year older, another year wiser.  I think I have to adjust it say “another year older, 3 months wiser.”

Priorities shift as your schedule gets busier and time and energy become a precious commodity.  At some point, doing nothing becomes the greatest gift you can give yourself.  So, the weekend’s birthday festivities was a lot of lounging and marathon tv watching (Scott is in 7th heaven with Fall’s non-stop coverage of all things sports).  And it was still one of the best birthdays ever.  On Friday, we invited a few friends to join us as we busted out the BBQ at Magic Island.  The girls got to play in the lake that was the Pacific Ocean…the surface was like pristine glass.  Then we watched the sun set and feasted on food while the fireworks lit up the sky over Waikiki.  Oh, why does food magically taste so much better when you’re at the beach?  It was a pretty darn perfect night.   So, perfect, that on my actual birthday, I felt like it was time to get back to work so I spent the day writing an exam on fungi and lichen and editing photos.  Loved it!

But, at our Magic Island BBQ, my friend, Gina, and her family brought their bikes and Gina let me ride her rocking pink two-wheeler around the park.  I felt like I was ten again.  I forgot how fun it is to ride a bike…as long as it’s on a flat or downhill surface=)  I was speeding around the dark park flying by the parade of joggers…the wind whipping my hair back…racing the twinkling stars.  Something I haven’t done in far too long.  In my twenties, I used to say I was child-like, not childish.  Now I have to remind myself to be child-like every now and again.  That’s why I love having two little girls.  Two little girls who are fascinated with the puddle under our mango tree.  Who lose track of time watching the ceiling fan spin.  Who start dancing to the music every time our cell phone rings.  They are a daily reminder of how amazing the world is…that it is me who forgets to just look up and look around.


So, who’s with me?  Next week, let’s get our bikes, skateboards, scooters…you name it, and cruise the streets of Kaneohe.   I’ll bring pb&j sandwiches and otterpops.


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